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We offer a range of traditional & Bespoke services

We reach businesses across all 9 provinces throughout South Africa.

Sales Enablement

Scale your business with strategic input from marketing, customer experience and process improvement specialists.


Accredited training, knowledge transfer and mentoring across channels in both formal and informal sectors.

Staff Augmentation

Expand your business without the need for full time resources.

Bespoke Field Services

From in-store activations to regional roadshows, trust us to deliver your needs on budget and on time.

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Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is the set of tools provided to sales teams to help them sell smarter, sell more and reduce sales-related admin. Sales enablement includes the content, tools, knowledge and information that enables sales people to win business, consistently and evolves constantly.
At OSD we have access to a network of specialists across brand & marketing, customer experience, customer service and sales automation that can help you to optimise your sales channels at each and every touchpoint.

  • Creation of surveys
  • Analysis & Reporting of Survey Data
  • Door to Door Campaigns
  • Pop Up store Campaigns
  • Campus Activations
  • Sports Activations
  • Roadshows
  • Exhibitions
  • Corporate Conferences
  • Special Events
  • Staff Incentive
  • Staff Activations
  • Golf Days
  • Teambuilding
  • Digital and Soft Skills Training and Development
  • Reskilling based on updated business priorities
  • Monthly Content Creation, planning and scheduling
  • Marketing Reporting
  • Access to a highly skilled PR Team
  • Creating a brand strategy
  • Implementing brand strategy
  • Measuring the impact of your brand strategy

Bespoke Field Services​

From traditional to digital our team of experts can help you craft high impact strategies that can be implemented quickly and affordably. Whether it’s an event, roadshow, website or online platform, we’ll work with your team to WOW your stakeholders and your customers.

  • Channel enablement
  • Retail audits
  • Channel execution
  • In store training
  • Face to face interactions with consumers
  • Door-to-door 
  • Merchandising and Promotions

Our detailed insights help identify trends, challenges, and opportunities within the formal and informal markets.

  • Roadshows Exhibitions
  • Corporate Conferences and Breakfasts
  • Employee Wellbeing programs/Open days
  • Special Events
  • Staff Incentive Programmes
  • Staff Activations
  • Golf Days
  • Teambuilding
  • Website Development

  • App creation

  • Digital Sales tools

Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is a way to add talent to your existing team or build a temporary team to meet a specific business objective/deliverable.

Staff augmentation is an affordable and effective way to remove the overheads associated with sourcing, recruiting, training and retaining talent.

We assist with staff placements for Workforce Flexibility, Field Service Agents, Inbound and Outbound calling and Customer Care

We engage with potential clients, generate leads, and work diligently to boost your sales figures.

Our team conducts thorough market research and analysis to help you understand your target audience better.

Our customer service specialists are trained to handle inquiries, resolve issues, and deliver exceptional support to your valued customers.

We organise engaging product demonstrations and promotions nationally, reaching out to potential customers.


At OSD we pride ourselves on service excellence in our training and development courses. Besides our 25+ SETA registered courses we’ve developed bespoke training material for many of our customers that covers: Employee Training and Development, Entrepreneurial Training and mentorship, Digital and Soft Skills, Reskilling due to changes/updates to business priorities and Skills assessments. We also offer the following:

Our product training services are designed to equip your staff with comprehensive insights into your offerings. From understanding key features and benefits to addressing customer concerns, your training modules will ensure your team can confidently engage customers and drive sales.

Our soft skills training programs encompass effective communication, active listening, conflict resolution, and empathy.

From handling difficult customers to delivering personalised experiences, our training will empower your team to go above and beyond, ensuring every customer leaves with a smile.

We cover a wide range of sales techniques, from upselling and cross -selling to objection handling and closing deals. Our proven strategies will empower your sales team to increase revenue and drive business growth.